Avlimil Female Enhancement Pills

Childbirth and menopause are two life-changing experiences that naturally occur within a woman’s lifetime. However, the discomforts brought about by hormonal changes from these events are not something that you should just ignore and live with.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance are caused primarily by the incorrect relationship between progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. The two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, exist in a delicate balance. Variations in that balance can have a dramatic effect on your health, resulting in symptoms of hormone imbalance. The amounts of these hormones that the woman’s body produces from month to month can vary, depending on factors such as stress, nutrition, exercise and most importantly — ovulation or the lack of ovulation, as in the case of menopausal or pregnant women.

To help women cope with symptoms of hormonal changes such as hot flashes, night sweats, and irritability, a lot of hormone-enhancing pills have been formulated and are being marketed today. Among these supplements is Avlimil Complete.

Avlimil Complete boasts of its all-natural ingredients, which claim to restore the body’s hormonal balance. It does not contain any synthetic hormones. Let’s take a look at some of the main components of Avlimil:

  • Soybean Isoflavones – If estrogen levels are low, these isoflavones are reported to act as weak estrogens, helping balance your body’s hormone levels.
  • Black Cohosh Root – Contains a natural estrogen that is similar to human estrogen and helps with joint function, blood pressure, stress, menstruation and menstrual cramps, and estrogen levels in women.
  • Sage Leaf – Helps relieve mental exhaustion and enhances the ability to concentrate. Sage also contains estrogenic substances and is a natural antiperspirant.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf – Red raspberry leaf is widely known for its normalizing effect on the uterus

Although Avlimil promises a safe and effective way of battling hormonal imbalance without a prescription, it is still best to consult a physician on what would work best for you. HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is another possible option that you and your physician may explore. Always keep in mind though, that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having an effective support system is always the key to getting through the trying times brought about by hormone imbalance.

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