Do You Know How To Last Longer In Bed?

Do you suffer from a poor sex life because you can’t seem to match up with your partner in bed? Do you want to know how to naturally last longer in bed?

There are many gimmicks and products on the market today that claim’s to help you last longer in bed, to achieve longer erections. You can find toys, pumps, pills and exercises that are supposed to keep you erect longer. But is those the only way? These ways aren’t natural.

It has been proven that pills do work but there are some side effects such as high blood pressure, high heart rates and erections that outlast your sex.

So you need to be careful if you go down this route and check with your doctor if you’re in doubt.

A lot of the pumps and toys don’t work they are just a sales pitch so that you buy the product, but then 9 times out of 10 they seem to migrate to a drawer or box and don’t get used.

One of the sure fire way to last longer in bed is foreplay, foreplay does many things for both you and your partner such as stimulates both of you, gets you both into the mood and can also go ahead and give you both multiple orgasms which will make you last longer.

There have been many clinical trials that state by having thirty to forty-five minutes of foreplay before intercourse will make your sex last longer and it’s natural.

Having sex more frequently will also make you last longer because the more you have an orgasm or start using your sperm the less you will have on demand so it takes a little longer for your body to build up. By having sex more frequently it will take you a little longer when you have sex.

By having a combination of frequent sex and foreplay before actual intercourse this will help your time with your partner last longer. You may need to enlist your powers of persuasion but the end result is definitely worth it.

How to keep your libido high?

The main reason for lowered libido is the sedentary lifestyle that is so common today. This reduces your stamina, harms the circulation of your blood, and weakens your heart and other muscles. If you are physically unfit, it makes it harder to have those lengthy love-making sessions of your twenties.

By middle age it can seem like a chore to have even the shortest of love-making. There also is a higher risk of heart problems and sexual dysfunction for you, just like any man who allows himself to grow that beer belly. You then tend to avoid making love; and when you do, neither you nor your partner have that sexual satisfaction like you used to.

The successful method

A very successful method to remedy this situation has been developed by X4 Labs.  They have a unique and natural program of male enhancement.  This can improve your confidence, allowing you and your partner to relax and have the kind of romp in the hay like you used to.  This magna rx plus male enhancement can bring the two of you closer and increase your desire.  This enjoyment and the desire to keep experiencing the pleasure of your new bigger penis is what helps increase your libido.  Especially if the two of you are older, you can benefit as so many other older couples have by regaining the joy of sex that you had in your youth.

Psychologically, nothing improves your confidence like having a longer, thicker penis.  Doctors say that the primary sex organ is your brain.  You must be receptive to the stimulation to become aroused.  For men, having the confidence that you are ready for anything lets you relax and know that you can rise to the occasion.  Male enhancement can give you this confidence.  Doctors have recommended this to many middle-aged couples who want to recapture the joy of their youth.

The libido also is sensitive to you mental state.  If you are depressed, it will drop like a rock.  You must have a strong will to live and procreate to have a strong libido.   If you are depressed, your symptoms are lack of desire, low energy, and in the worst cases, not caring if you live or die.  You lose interest in all the activities that used to be fun.  Everything seems dark.  Even sex seems blah and too much effort.  Also, most medication prescribed for depression tends to depress the libido and cause erectile dysfunction or difficulty reaching orgasm.

Part of magna rx program addresses this.  They recommend exercising at least 30 minutes four times per week to keep your energy level up.  Exercise also tends to help keep your mood elevated because of the endorphins that can be produced.  Exercise also helps maintain your testosterone level, essential for maintaining a strong erection and vigor.