Does Climestra Libido Enhancer Work?

Climestra, a female libido enhancer pill, claims to be effective in enhancing the sexual desire and satisfaction of a woman. This product caters for women who are experiencing an unsatisfactory sexual life. Women who are trying to achieve more regular orgasms, improved excitement on foreplay, and intensified sexual sensation are the ones who should take these pills.

Climestra claims to help you you discover and reignite your sexual life. With the use of Climestra, you and your partner will become more intimate, experiencing a happer and a more fulfilling romantic relationship. The company of Climestra claims that it has been one of the top selling female libido enhancer in the market for ten years straight now.

Made from all-natural herbs, Climestra’s specific combination has been clinically proven to improve a wonan’s libido naturally and quickly. Ingredients such as L Arginine HCl, Damiana Leaf Extract, Mucuna Pruriens, L Dopa, Yohimine Extract, and Epimedium are contained in the formulation of Climestra. If you will observe, some of the ingredients are also in other female libido enhancers. The website says that these ingredients are selected carefully and have been studied for a long time for an effective combination to stimulate more blood flow to the female reproductive system and balance hormonal levels.

Climestra is recommended to take 1 pill at a time. If you want to take another Climestra pill, the time interval should not be less than 4 hours. It is also suggested to take Climestra pill with a healthy meal so that the absorption of the Climestra formula will be optimized and also to minimize the side effects. Do not exceed more than three pills in a 24 hour period. The effects of Climestra are maintained by taking 1 pill everyday. Effects will be felt 24 hours after the intake of the pill.

Benefits in using Climestra pills are noted, these are not limited to: prolonged enjoyment in foreplay; increased intensity and frequency of climax; relieves sexual dysfunction symptoms in women; improved sexual desire; intensified orgasm; helps in balancing the hormonal levels; enhances vitality.

Climestra female libido enhancer is quite a decent product but it is a bit expensive for a regular person to try. Another thing is that money back guarantees and discounts are not offered. The integrity of the product is questionable because clinical studies and research conducted regarding Climestra is not posted on their website. And if you search Climestra over consumer complaint websites, you will see that it has been mentioned there. So as for me, I would not try even a single pill of Climestra for safety purposes. I would rather look for other products that are probably more effective, and cheaper as well.