Fematril Female Libido Enhancer Review

Another female libido enhancer, Fematril, is said to have the ability to help enhance and increase: sexual activity, sexual stamina, sexual desire, and multiple orgasm. It also claims to alleviate the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women. In addition, it is described as Viagra for women and is designed for a natural, gentle, safe, and effective female libido formula. Of course, these are what female libido enhancers are claiming to do. Let’s see if this is the “one” that you should use.


Fematril female libido enhancer’s aphrodisiac properties are due to its ingredients such as:

  • Avena Sativa (also known as Oat Straw extract) is said to have the ability to energize and therefore boost the libido. It is used in anxiety and depression, in boosting the immune system, and in relieving pain. It is also believed to release bound testosterone in the body which can stimulate a part of the brain that creates the sex drive.
  • Damiana Leaf is used by some women to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, and increase the muscle contraction. It is also believed to be an aphrodisiac.
  • Muira Puama, from a shrub in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, is also known as the Potency Wood. It has been traditionally used to increase the sexual desire.

Other ingredients include gelatin and cellulose. These ingredients are said to be safe for you to use since they are extracted from herbs.

How Fematril Works

Fematril works through its phyto-hormone stimulating ingredients, that are said to be from herbal plants, which increases the sensitivity of sensory receptors, elevates the mood, and increases the stimulation of blood flow in the body specially to the female reproductive system. Fematril is advertised to ”stimulate both the mind and body to drastically increase passion, emotions and senses.” Speific benefits of Fematril are: increased stamina, libido, sexual drive; more powerful and a lot better multiple orgasms; sexual stimulation is optimized; natural alternative to treat female sexual dysfunction; and natural herbal stimulant.

It is suggested to be taken once a day and is believed to take effect immediately for most women. However, the estimated effect of Fematril will be felt after 4-6 weeks of daily usage. And for an optimum effect, the prolonged usage of it is most recommended. Since it is from 100% all natural ingredients, Fematril is prescription free and safe for the users. There has been no known side effect of this product.

Fematril Review Conclusion

Overall, Fematril seems to be a decent product. However, there are lot better and proven products out in the market that will surely be safe for your use. If you visit to their website, the information provided are only limited to the product itself and what the effects of it are. Ingredient information is not provided. With regards to their pricing, they offer a fair discount but the company does not offer free shipping. The usage is recommended daily so it is a hassle for busy women to take it, and another thing is that the effect will take weeks to be observed.