Low Female Libido

Low libido in females can be caused by numerous different reasons, be it physical and psychological. Having a low libido decreases one’s desire to have sex and hinders with their ability to engage in it. Both men and women are affected by this condition on a surprisingly large number.

Low libido in women is common, but quite unusual in men. In the U.S., it was estimated by The American Medical Association that several million American women suffer from FSAD, or female sexual arousal disorder.

These women reported that they do not have issues with having orgasms. The urge to have sex does not interest them because sex isn’t one of their priorities. In some women, low libido is just a passing fancy and they usually get over it, and some have even considered seeking psychosexual counseling. While some women preferred to lead quiet lives without having sex anymore.

Low libido can seriously cause tension, frustration, and distress in intimate relationships (especially in marriage).

Causes of Low Female Libido

Low female libido has two sources: physical and/or psychological.

Physical causes of low female libido include drug abuse, anaemia, hormonal changes due to childbirth, alcoholism, certain medications (tranquilizers), major internal diseases (such as diabetes), hyperprolactinaemia, and pain/discomfort during sexual intercourse.

In addition, psychological causes of low female libido are quite common and very understandable that when a woman is experiencing hard times emotionally, naturally, she may shun sex for a while. Women may experience decreased libido due to the following: sexual abuse (rape, etc), anxiety, difficult living situations, stress, partner difficulties, past childhood hang-ups, personal distress (family problems, feeling of worthlessness, etc), and depression.

Methods to be Considered in Increasing Female Libido

Taking steps on what to do about low libido in females depend on recognizing what triggered low sex drive in them. As soon as the cause is known, there are methods that can be applied to resolve the situation.

While there are women that have decreased sex drive (low libido), causes and treatments do not work the same, even though may overlap. In many cases, more women suffer from decreased sex drive than men.

However, it is important to know the cause, take steps to discard conflicts and stressors, and increase female libido. Good diet, regular exercise, healthy lifestyle, and a happy, healthy relationship with a partner are needed in order to help increase libido in women.