Low Female Sexual Desire

Low Female Sexual Desire

The urge to have sex or engage in sexual activity is known as libido. If it was not for this libido, the world would never have been where it is now. Procreation and continuing of the species is an all important part of evolution. Maybe this very libido puts us humans in a different frame from the animals of the planet. This can be safely said because humans are the only animals which have sex even when they do not want to reproduce. Now when we know that humans are the only creations of nature who engage in sexual activity, even when we do not want to procreate, the understanding of the libido becomes all important.

A lot has been said about the libido of males and the male libido or sexual desire has attracted loads of attention of the medical professionals and the laymen alike. Is it not time for the female sexual desire to be studied and understood a little bit? After the entire female libido is a subject of vast mystery till date. Many a male would give a fortune to know what makes a woman go red hot in desire.

Libido is nothing but interplay of certain chemicals, just a complex chemical interaction of the various hormones in the body, controlled and overlooked by the brain and assisted by the sexual and the sense organs. What are the factors which make these hormones shoot up the sexual desire or ebb it down?

Though there are a variety of causes of reduced female sexual desire the most important and the commonest among them are the fatigue and stress of the daily grind of life. Modern life is so stressed out that there is absolutely no time for anything, eating the meals at proper time itself seems so difficult. Is there any wonder to find increasing number of women suffering from low sexual desire or reduced libido?

Other than the stress factor, a variety of diseases or disorders can also contribute to the reduction of the sexual drive. The commonest diseases leading to a low or absent sexual drive in women are the hormonal disorders like Hypothyroidism, Diabetes etc. Cancer, Anxiety, Depression, Hypertension, or even certain physically limiting diseases like arthritis or obesity may be the other culprits causing the ebbing of the sex drive in women.

Whatever the reason for the reduced libido or factor contributing to the lack of it, one thing is definitely sure. The lack or reduction in the libido is not limited to the body; it affects the emotional status of the woman, and definitely affects her relationship status with her sexual partner too. Though a marriage is not entirely based on the sex or the physical relationship between the couples, sex surely forms a very important aspect of the idea of a marital relation.

There are various drugs available in the market which claim to boost the sexual drive in women. But it would be prudent to remember that the majority among them are chemical concoctions and would definitely have more of the unwanted side effects rather than the desired good effects. Then there is the option of hormonal treatment for the reduced libido or the lack of it, which is practically ridden with numerous problems and side effects. So what does that leave us women to do? Is there anything we can do to rescue and revive our normal sexual drive and bring back the lost hope and happiness back in to our relationships with our partners?
Well the answer is yes, there is a solution after all. Provestra is a solution to all your libido problems. This is a gentle and refined way to bring back the sexual vigor back in to your life. Provestra is not another chemical cocktail to be gulped down. It is a safe and balanced mixture of medicinal herbs and vitamins which soothe your tense nerves and reduce the stress and side by side invigorate and stimulate the libido. It acts wonderfully and soothingly, and brings about a gradual and excellent turn around in your sexual life. Provestra not only pumps up the sexual desire in women, but also intensifies the pleasurable sensations during the sexual act. Provestra also assists in bringing about enhanced orgasms and greatly increases the chances of having multiple orgasms. Provestra also activates and maintains the blood flow towards the genital area and thus helps in engorgement of the clitoris, thereby allowing maximum pleasure for the woman during the sexual act.