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Going Under the Knife: The Dangers of Penis Surgery

Who hasn’t heard about all of the penis enlargement measures as of late? It almost seems as if a new company springs up every day, all promising that they have a new angle when it comes to increasing the size of a man’s anatomy. Unfortunately, a lot of them have even bought these products and have found out that they don’t really work, much to their dismay. Continue reading

Avlimil Female Enhancement Pills

Childbirth and menopause are two life-changing experiences that naturally occur within a woman’s lifetime. However, the discomforts brought about by hormonal changes from these events are not something that you should just ignore and live with. Continue reading

Vibrel Female Enhancer Review

Vibrel, a female libido enhancer is promoted to women searching for ways to increase their sensitivity during intimacy. Specifically, it was formulated to solve sexual dysfunction problems of women like dryness, lack of arousal and lubrication, and an unsatisfying performance in intimate relationships. Vibrel is a lubricant described as a warming formula that stimulates the female genitalia. It is also advertised as a top selling female lubricant in their website Continue reading

Amoril Review | Does Amoril Really Work?

There are tons of gels, creams, and supplements available to help women achieve a more arousing passion during sex. Many women suffer from the inability to become aroused, which causes frustration in their relationships. Amoril is a capsulated treatment that is taken in pill form. This product claims to increase orgasms and everything associated with feminine health.

How Does Amoril Work?

Amoril uses a few types of herbs such as wild yam root, cinnamon bark, passion flower herb, and damiana. Wild yam root is known to prevent unwanted pregnancy, so it is slightly strange that the company would use that in the product.

The herbs used are supposed to boost sex drive, increase sensitivity, and increase orgasms. The product should be taken two times a day, and an hour before having sex if preferred. This product claims to work immediately, but the 2 capsules per day are for “maintenance.”

Our Thoughts


This product does use damiana leaves, which are shown to provide libido enhancing properties. Damiana leaves are quite potent for enhancing libido.


The cons for Amoril never end! To start with, it uses a lot of filler herbal ingredients. At first glance it may appear that it is filled with beneficial herbs, but it is not. Amoril uses more herbs to treat other ailments than it does to treat female libido. The website makes false claims about ingredients to make them appear better than they are.

While the capsules do harness the power of Damiana leaves, how much is actually used per capsule is questionable. The capsules need a sufficient amount before they are able to provide any benefit to the female body.

Since you need to take 2 per day, plus extra before sexual activity, one bottle will barely last a month. Each bottle costs $30. This supplement is certainly not designed to last! Perhaps if the ingredients were better, it would be worth the price.

Final Verdict

In general, there are treatments that work far better than an herbal pill filled with fillers. If you are able to find a female enhancement product that isn’t filled with junk, then you have a winner! When paired with potent fast acting lubricants, gels, and creams, many women can re-discover their sensuality that they felt was long gone. Amoril simply isn’t worth the cost and the junk that they fill each capsule with.

Femore Review | Does Femore Actually Work?

Femore is a female sexual enhancement product that boosts sexual desire, orgasms, and more. The product claims to be created by professionals that are familiar with female sexual health. This product also claims that is made without drugs and enhances intimate encounters. Femore is a topical cream, and is designed to be applied prior to intercourse or foreplay.

How Does Femore Work

Femore should be applied gently to the clitoris before engaging in any sort of sexual activity. The active ingredients, such as L-Arginine and Glycerin, increase moisture, blood flow, and sexual intimacy. Some studies show that using L-Arginine can increase sexual desire and feelings of satisfaction. Depending on each individual woman, a single application of this product is said to last up to an hour.

Our Thoughts


  • Femore is a topical cream that works by delivering potent ingredients into the body through a topical application. When the cream is applied and the ingredients activate, blood flow is boosted. This product claims to contain some ingredients that may boost blood flow and provide such results.
  • This product does not use hormones or anything that may be extremely dangerous.
  • This product is easy to use.


  • Femore uses ingredients that can increase nitric oxide levels in the body. This may be dangerous for older women or those using specific medications.
  • Femore also uses parabens, which may cause cancer. Parabens are a preservative. Do you really want to apply preservatives to your sensitive and most intimate areas? This product does not have a satisfaction guarantee either, which is a sad downside for women that want to explore their options.
  • Pregnant women cannot use this cream, and it cannot be used more than 4 times in a 24 hour period. This product may only last 30 minutes or less for some women.
  • It doesn’t help that the website also seems a bit outdated and boring. There isn’t a lot of information regarding the product, just information discussing sexual health.
  • Femore does not contain any ingredients that may permanently boost moisture. Moisture retention is an important factor for many women suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Final Verdict

Femore is a female enhancement product that claims to have the same benefits as thousands of other products on the market. A gentler ingredient blend would probably be more suitable. It also wouldn’t hurt to find a product that actually offers a money back guarantee!

Orexia Review | Does Orexia Really Work

Many women never have an orgasm during sex. This is the sad truth, and it is usually caused by lack of proper arousal. As women age, they also lose sexual desire for their partner. This can be caused by numerous medical conditions, medications, foods, or even drinks like Diet Soda. For some women, it even takes serious concentration and mental focus to achieve even a mediocre orgasm. Even though sex isn’t everything in a relationship, it certainly makes you a healthier person and boosts your bond with your partner. Orexia is a topical gel that claims to give you more intense orgasms and sexual pleasure.

How Does Orexia Work?

When using Orexia, it should be massaged onto the clitoris. After application there will be a sensation that claims to encourage orgasms and bring forth more powerful orgasms. This product uses chemical based ingredients in a water based gel, so it is safe to use with condoms. Essentially Orexia is a fancy lubricant.

Orexia manufacturers state that it boosts arousal, orgasms, and sensations you may feel during sex. The application process is supposed to start the “arousal” trigger. The main ingredient used is Menthol.

Our Thoughts

The product costs $50 per jar. If you “buy in bulk” it may come out to be a bit cheaper. Orexia does what many other products also do, but for a higher cost. The website provides a number of statistics that have no solid statements regarding the product. While gels are known to be effective, this particularly formula isn’t impressive. The ingredients are inferior chemicals, and they may cause irritation for some women. If tingling doesn’t feel great for you, then Orexia will probably be a flop. Reviewers also state that Orexia doesn’t quite last long enough for them to feel any significant differences during sexual encounters.

Other reviewers also state that it is sticky, goopy, and smells strongly. These are simply not ideal for a product designed to enhance your mood. In fact, many people complain that the smell is too distracting for them and that it turned their husband or boyfriend off completely.

Final Verdict

Other orgasm inducing gels may be effective, Orexia probably isn’t. At $50 a jar you should expect stellar orgasms, but this product does less than that. If it were cheaper then perhaps it would be worth a try, but at the current inflated cost of Orexia, I wouldn’t recommend it..