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Orexia Review | Does Orexia Really Work

Many women never have an orgasm during sex. This is the sad truth, and it is usually caused by lack of proper arousal. As women age, they also lose sexual desire for their partner. This can be caused by numerous medical conditions, medications, foods, or even drinks like Diet Soda. For some women, it even takes serious concentration and mental focus to achieve even a mediocre orgasm. Even though sex isn’t everything in a relationship, it certainly makes you a healthier person and boosts your bond with your partner. Orexia is a topical gel that claims to give you more intense orgasms and sexual pleasure.

How Does Orexia Work?

When using Orexia, it should be massaged onto the clitoris. After application there will be a sensation that claims to encourage orgasms and bring forth more powerful orgasms. This product uses chemical based ingredients in a water based gel, so it is safe to use with condoms. Essentially Orexia is a fancy lubricant.

Orexia manufacturers state that it boosts arousal, orgasms, and sensations you may feel during sex. The application process is supposed to start the “arousal” trigger. The main ingredient used is Menthol.

Our Thoughts

The product costs $50 per jar. If you “buy in bulk” it may come out to be a bit cheaper. Orexia does what many other products also do, but for a higher cost. The website provides a number of statistics that have no solid statements regarding the product. While gels are known to be effective, this particularly formula isn’t impressive. The ingredients are inferior chemicals, and they may cause irritation for some women. If tingling doesn’t feel great for you, then Orexia will probably be a flop. Reviewers also state that Orexia doesn’t quite last long enough for them to feel any significant differences during sexual encounters.

Other reviewers also state that it is sticky, goopy, and smells strongly. These are simply not ideal for a product designed to enhance your mood. In fact, many people complain that the smell is too distracting for them and that it turned their husband or boyfriend off completely.

Final Verdict

Other orgasm inducing gels may be effective, Orexia probably isn’t. At $50 a jar you should expect stellar orgasms, but this product does less than that. If it were cheaper then perhaps it would be worth a try, but at the current inflated cost of Orexia, I wouldn’t recommend it..

Scentuelle Review | Does Scentuelle Work?

Sexual ability and desire is declining amongst women. Lack of libido can occur for so many different reasons, including stress, depression, medications, and even birth control.

Unfortunately, many of the medications designed to help women, often reduce libido. Birth control is the primary cause for young women with lowered desire, and age is another cause for older women going through menopause. There are even more chemicals and products available that attempt to repair the sexual dysfunction, but many fail. Scentuelle is the innovative product that is applied as a patch to boost sexual desire. The company also makes a patch for men.

How Does Scentuelle Work

Since Scentuelle is a patch form, it is formulated with a number of herbs and essential oils that boost sex drive. The brain picks up on these and it translates to a sexual desire for the body. Your nasal passage may not immediately notice the scent, but your brain receptors will.

Specifically speaking, Scentuelle is a natural solution. The patch doesn’t deliver harmful chemicals into your skin or bloodstream, but it claims to make your brain think you are sexually aroused. The libido patch maker states that the patches will also relieve stress, increase confidence, and are non-addictive.
Exact ingredients are not mentioned, but the company states that only high quality essential oils are used.

Our Thoughts

There are very little studies that prove that Scentuelle actually works. This product relies on a method known as “scent therapy.” Clearly certain scents are linked to feelings, but the ability to boost sex drive isn’t well researched. Scentuelle is a patch, so it is easy to apply. This product doesn’t have a lot of information available on the web. In addition, Scentuelle is non-transdermal.  No drugs or chemicals enter the blood stream. This product is simply a patch that claims to deliver the “scent” to your brain, which will then trigger a sexual response in the body.

The few benefits of this include it being safe and no prescription is required. 30 patches is about $25, which isn’t too bad.

Final Verdict

Women clearly need a product that is able to trigger a sexual response without drugs, and Scentuelle appears to be an alternative. However, with minimal studies and minimal solid reviews, it is hard to discuss the affectivity of this treatment or if it will work for any female seeking a boost in sex drive.