Vibrel Female Enhancer Review

Vibrel, a female libido enhancer is promoted to women searching for ways to increase their sensitivity during intimacy. Specifically, it was formulated to solve sexual dysfunction problems of women like dryness, lack of arousal and lubrication, and an unsatisfying performance in intimate relationships. Vibrel is a lubricant described as a warming formula that stimulates the female genitalia. It is also advertised as a top selling female lubricant in their website

Vibrel Ingredients

The ingredients that are in the Vibrel formula is not stated on their website. However, women who opt to buy libido enhancers should consider the contents of the products. It is very important that it is made of all natural ingredients or should be made with safe ingredients. Another consideration is that it should be free from any paraben material because it has been shown in studies that sexual aids, especially topical aids that contain parabens are known to cause cancer and is very dangerous to health. Perfect sexual aids should have ingredients like beeswax, sweet almond oil and lecithin. Products that use all natural ingredients are effective yet safe to use, even for a long period of time.

How Vibrel Works

According to their website, Vibrel works through its Niacin (Vitamin B3) content and its innovative patented lubrication system. Because Niacin has a vasodilatation properties, Vibrel can create a warm and flashing feeling that stimulates the clitoris, making it engorged and aroused following an effective lubrication in the vagina. The Niacin content in Vibrel is generally regarded as a safe compound by regulating agencies.

Vibrel is applied five minutes before the intimate activity. A pea-sized formula of Vibrel is enough to be massaged on the clitoris and the labia, as well as the surrounding skin folds. If a more lubrication effect is needed, you can apply additional amount of Vibrel. The effectiveness of Vibrel depends on how your body reacts; you will eventually know how much you should apply for each future use. Immediately after application, you will sense a feeling of replenishing, replacing, and restoring the natural lubrication in your vagina. And when experiencing dryness, Vibrel will increase your lubrication that will definitely increase your satisfaction and pleasure.

Our Thoughs on Vibrel

The formula of Vibrel has been tested to FDA standards and marked as a non-toxic, non-irritating, and no- sensitizing product for women so it is considered to be safe for as long as it is used as directed. There have been no registered side effects of this product. Only a warm, flashing sensation will be felt 5-8 minutes after applying. If you get uncomfortable with this sensation, you can easily wash it off with warm water.

To sum it all up, it is not practical to buy Vibrel since a tube of it only contains for about 5-8 applications. The effectiveness of Vibrel is also questionable since its ingredients are not stated on their website. And because Vibrel does not appear to be an all natural ingredient, some of the ingredients in Vibrel might be harmful to you.  In addition, aside from the fact that it is pretty expensive, the company does not offer free shipping so another dollar will be billed up on you. All in all, Vibrel is a product that is far from being recommended.